The Digidads are 5 of the UK's leading Dad bloggers who work together to create engaging stories.

Combined, the Digidads achieve over 60,000 blog views per month, have 115,000 social media followers and achieve 1.2 million social impressions per month. Firmly established in the parenting/family lifestyle sector they also work across many other areas, including automotive, technology, lifestyle, fashion, household and male grooming.

With children aged between 10 months to nine years old the Digidads are experienced across all areas of fatherhood. Reaching a wide demographic the Digidads write about all matters related to life as a parent in 2017 and the fun challenges it brings!

Dadblog UK http://dadbloguk.com/

Diary of the Dad - http://www.diaryofthedad.co.uk/

The DADventurer - https://thedadventurer.com/

Photalife - http://photalife.com/

ManVsPink - http://manvspink.com/