Becky evans - queenb

Queen B is arguably the UK's most exciting female automotive lifestyle vlogger, mixing fashion and car culture with an eye on car modification.

Having been raised within a family of car fanatics Becky is a born and bred petrol-head. She grew up following her father's career travelling with him to drag racing strips and race tracks across the country. It was here that she gained her knowledge on cars and the modified car scene. Her first car was a MK IV Golf which she quickly modified.

The love of her life right now is her trusty 1983 BMW 3 series which features across her rapidly growing social media platforms. Becky's Instagram platform which features beautifully shot fashion and car content now has over 30,000 followers. Becky launched her YouTube channel in April 2016 and her videos are gaining a dedicated following with some videos achieving over 100k views!

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